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Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol Extraction Frequently Asked Questions
What is Extractohol?
Answer: Extractohol is 200% Pure Ethyl Alcohol with no additives
What is Extractohol used for?
Answer: Extractohol is formulated to extract the maximum from your herbs without creating a residual.
Why is Extractohol better than CO2 or Butane?
Answer: Both CO2 and Butane extraction require an alcohol wash for maximum purity. Extractohol is the safe and cleaner alternative to butane.
Why is there a Hazmat Fee?
Answer: Extractohol is flammable and as such is required by the Department of Transportation to have special handling and label requirements.
How can I learn more about extraction?
Answer: Due to the fact there are so many methods of extraction, as well as what is being extracted, it is best to click on this link: Extraction Methods For Cannabis to learn more about extraction. and select the process that best suits your application.
What is the difference between alcohol Percentage and Proof?
Answer: Percentage is defined by dividing the proof number by two. For example: 200 Proof is 100% Pure Alcohol
Why is there a $27 per gallon Federal Excise tax, and why do I have to pay it?
Answer: The Federal Government has been taxing alcohol since 1776. It has helped to support many Government programs. It is mandatory and unavoidable.
What is Denatured Alcohol?
Answer: Denatured alcohol starts out as pure alcohol before a toxic substance is added to make it poisonous.