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How to Make Rick Simpson Oil with Organic Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol

Posted by Extractohol on 10/12/2019

Whether you are new to the world of CBD or have been educating yourself on the benefits of medicinal cannabis for some time, there's a strong chance you've heard of Rick Simpson and his amazing Rick Simpson Oil. Not only has the signature cannabis-based oil been credited with curing skin cancer, but the originator has even given away the recipe step by step to help others access it's claimed medicinal benefits.

If you've heard of Rick Simpson Oil and would like to give this medicinal concoction a try for yourself, read on for more information about it and the best way to go about creating it in your own home.

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil is named after the man that invented it and is now an icon in the world of medicinal cannabis. In order to get a full understanding of what Rick Simpson Oil is, we'll have to go back to 2003 and the moment that Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a rare and highly invasive form of skin cancer.

Just after his diagnosis, Rick Simpson dove headfirst into researching the potential treatments for this disease.  It was during this research that he came across a journal from the National Cancer Institute talking about the potential of THC to kill cancer cells.

As a result, Simpson decided to use cannabis oil as his own form of treatment and this is how Rick Simpson Oil was born.

Simpson stated that after creating his oil, applying it directly to the cancerous moles, and leaving them covered with a bandage for 4 days, the growths were gone and he was cured.

Now it's important to remember that Simpson has yet to produce scientific evidence to support his claimed success. However, that hasn't stopped him from creating his own documentary, writing a book, and even giving away his oil for free for a period of time. That is before he was forced to stop due to legal matters.

Does it Really Work?

There are a number of individuals in the medical community that remain skeptical of Simpson's claim. As stated, there still is no scientific evidence that the oil actually works.

However, that hasn't stopped countless individuals from attempting to use it on their own skin cancer and coming forward with their own anecdotal evidence.

While there still is no short answer as to whether or not Rick Simpson Oil is the cure, many are willing to give it a try in hope of ridding themselves of cancer for good. 

Only the Purest of the Pure

Rick Simpson is passionate about sharing his oil with the world, which is why he has shared the full recipe for the oil and its methodology on his personal website. He has also included dosage instructions, all while being clear that the dosage will vary depending on the person and a number of factors.

One thing that Simpson has remained animate about is that the oil must use the purest possible CBD along with high levels of THC in order to be at its most potent.

As a result, many creating Rick Simpson Oil in their own homes have turned to organic food-grade ethyl alcohol as the way to extract as much CBD and THC as possible while keeping the oil healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable.

How to Make RSO

Food grade ethyl alcohol remains the most organic way to create Rick Simpson Oil while still remaining cost-efficient due to the fact that it can be reclaimed and reused.

In addition to the ability to reuse food-grade ethyl alcohol, there's also a $27 per gallon federal excise tax which gives even more economic benefit to the use of this wonder product.

There's no surprise that something so powerful involves a rather time-consuming process. In fact, Simpson's recipe involves several washes to ensure the CBD and THC is fully extracted.

If you're new to making the oil, don't worry, Rick goes into full detail on how to go about it on his website. The full process can be completed in your home and should produce a decent amount of RSO.

The Difference Between RSO and CBD Oil

So why would so many people go through the trouble of creating Rick Simpson Oil rather than ordering CBD oil straight off the market? The fact is that the majority of CBD oil sold is not pure or organic, and often lacks the THC levels Simpson claims are needed in order to truly affect cancerous growth cells.

The extraction process of CBD oil also isn't as strong as using food-grade ethyl alcohol to extract the cannabis yourself. As a result, the general marketplace CBD oil may not have the necessary potency to meet your medical needs 

The Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil 

While there's still needs to be more research in order to fully support the claims of RSO, many individuals claim that the oil holds powerful medicinal benefits.

There are also separate studies on THC and CBD that have shown its effectiveness on various types of brain cancer, as well as aggressive forms of leukemia.

While the studies are still being conducted, it's safe to say that CBD and THC hold a promising future in the world of cancer treatment.

Making Rick Simpson Oil in Your Own Home

If you plan on putting in the time and energy to create Rick Simpson Oil in your own home, it's important to start with the most quality ingredients to fully recreate the oil as Simpson has intended.

This means not only having access to pure cannabis but having the right certified organic ethyl alcohol too fully extract it's CBD and THC. 

We invite you to visit our store where you'll find the purest form of extraction ethyl alcohol to create a potent RSO in the comfort of your own home. Explore our products to find everything you need to try this medicinal oil for yourself.  You may find yourself among the many fans that have experienced it's claimed powerful medicinal benefits.