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7 Cool Facts About Using Ethanol for Essential Oil Extraction

Posted by Extractohol on 10/14/2019

Using essential oils for medicinal purposes dates back past the ancient Egyptians. The oils carry compounds that connect to important receptors via everything from aromatherapy to ingestion.

As research continues, more manufacturers choose to produce and sell CBD oil products. Without a doubt, this cannabinoid sells as people swear by the positive effects, making it a hot item.

Though all CBD derives from Cannabis flowers, not all CBD products are created equal. The quality of any essential oil differs greatly based on the essential oil extraction process used.

If you choose to produce or dispense CBD or any other essential oil, then you want to ensure that you carry the best. Learn more about methods of oil extraction and why you want to choose ethanol.

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil with Organic Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol

Posted by Extractohol on 10/12/2019
Extracting with Ethyl Alcohol is Safe For Human Consumption and Cost-Effective. Learn how to make Rick Simpson Oil with Organic Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol here.

8 Reasons Why Ethyl Alcohol is Best For Cannabis Extraction

Posted by Extractohol on 8/15/2019

With the cannabis industry reaching a breathtaking $75.6 billion in worth, it's easy to see why people are trying to get in on the ground floor.

One of the big changes in practices since the black market was the norm instead of the exception comes from methods of cannabis extraction.