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N-Heptane Solvent Extraction


Tesla Scientific LLC is excited to introduce a new extraction solvent alternative, to our Extractohol product line!

ExtracTane is 200 Proof USP Alcohol blended with 5% High Purity n-Heptane. These ingredients have been safely used for many years for botanical extraction and oil recovery.

Using the ExtracTane blend does not require a special permit to ship, and is Federal Excise Tax free! This is because it is "denatured" alcohol.

                                       Product Information

Starting Product

  • 200 Proof USP Grade Alcohol


  • Using the highest quality 200 Proof USP Grade Alcohol, it is then blended with the 5% High Purity n-Heptane


  • Lower cost highest purity botanical extraction solvent alternative

  • No permits are required to purchase

  • ExtracTane is not subject to the Federal Excise Tax

  • Same performance as pure alcohol for most applications

  • Thousands of dollars of savings per containers versus purchasing pure ethanol


  • Heptane has a higher boiling point than ethanol, which may result in higher energy costs.

  • Residual solvent testing must be conducted on finished product.

  • Consult with your equipment supplier to ensure a quality extraction will be reached without much change to your processes.

Product Specification and Availability

  • ExtracTane  is available in Gallons and 55 Gallon Drums.

  • Fast, FedEx Ground Shipping

  • CoA provided with every order